Disciplined approach,
excellent returns

Our acquisitions typically return above 18% and sometimes significantly greater. These results are not magic but rather the product of a highly disciplined approach that involves several key elements:

Fully Leveraged Expertise

The combined education and professional experience of our team encompasses apartment ownership, management, construction, renovation, sales, negotiation, risk mitigation and finance. .

Acquisition Strategy

Our disciplined adherence to our acquisition criteria means every opportunity package we offer has already made it through a rigorous screening process for economic potential. Initial property selection criteria encompasses:

  • Cash Flowing on Takeover
  • Regional Economic Expansion
  • Landlord Friendly Markets
  • Value Add Properties
  • Strict Market Cycle Criteria
  • Multiple Exit Strategies

Relentless Due Diligence

Once we identify a potential property that fits our Acquisition Strategy requirements, we do extensive research and evaluation of both the physical property as well as a financial and property/market risk assessment.


We firmly believe our investors have a right to expect high levels of partnership and transparency.

Property Management/asset management

We only hire well-established, carefully vetted third-party professional management companies with web-based management software systems. This allows us to view their operating records, to the level of individual invoices, so we can closely and actively monitor and oversee the budget, goals and capital improvement projects.

True partnership model –
first money in, last money out

We take our fiduciary responsibility to our investors very seriously. We believe one of the very best ways to protect investor interests is also one of the simplest; we align our interests with those of the investor by investing alongside them. Our dollars are the first invested in a project and the very last to be paid out. While our goal is to provide as many great opportunities for our investors as possible, we place a higher priority on being able to offer quality opportunities that will protect and grow their investment. We investigate hundreds of potential opportunities to find the select number of quality deals we present to investors each year. The discipline to say no to deals that do not meet our criteria is part of the reason that over 90% of our investors reinvest with us on multiple projects.