An experienced team with a unique set of skills, tools, and expertise

The Capital 8 Group is owned and managed by Jeff Kissee and Shari Kissee.  Within their joint partnership they oversee all company operations including asset acquisition, asset disposition, and strategic planning.

Jeff and Shari each bring a unique set of professional expertise and experiences that combine to produce an unusually strong level and depth of insight and ability.

They share a deep conviction about winning the right way and believe strongly that property investing is both a significant opportunity and a significant responsibility. In addition to safeguarding and growing the dollars of their investors, they work hard to improve their properties and the lives of their tenants-a strategy that is not only decent and honorable, but also good for retention, referrals and returns. Their business model and philosophy allows them to create wins in every direction, for their investors, their tenants and the communities around their properties.

Jeff Kissee
Co-Founder and Managing Principal

Prior to founding The Capital 8 Group, Jeff started his professional career by pursuing a Civil Engineering degree and soon after found his professional niche building industrial, retail and commercial buildings and then later high-end custom single-family homes. For over 20 years he owned and operated a very successful construction company that served movie stars, sports celebrities and other high net worth individuals.

The success of Jeff’s company came in no small part from his ability to see and maintain a critical path through projects. More than just technical expertise, Jeff understands the need, and developed the ability, to actively and aggressively manage budgets, labor and the project schedule in order to meet project goals. He has a natural ability to manage both the small details as well as the big picture priorities, finding and protecting the critical path of a project even as new issues and complications arise. This talent is crucial to protecting project deadlines and profits.

Jeff enjoys a critical skill set that he now leverages for The Capital 8 Group investors. His technical construction knowledge means he can leverage the insights of inspectors and contractors, instead of blindly relying on them. He is also able to quickly identify and distinguish cosmetic problems verses more serious structural issues which helps him identify value-add opportunities. Jeff knows how to recognize and accurately estimate the costs associated with deferred maintenance and safety issues and how their rectification can in turn translate into opportunities. This expertise is significant both during the due diligence phase as well as the duration of the project ownership and is a key reason our investors enjoy significant returns.

From an asset management standpoint, Jeff believes in aggressively looking for and immediately dealing with problems to minimize their potential impact on project budgets and goals. Knowledgeable professionals understand that issues grow in size and cost as time goes by. Jeff knows how to gauge the seriousness of an issue and not only evaluate but also execute the best option for resolving them. His background, insights and expertise are an invaluable asset for identifying and capitalizing on opportunities as well as managing risk.
Jeff oversees the acquisition and disposition of assets as well as their physical property assessment and due diligence including surrounding area safety and economic assessments. He manages broker relations and is responsible for investor relations and communication, raising money and marketing with The Capital 8 Group.

Shari Kissee
Co-Founder and Managing Principal

Before founding The Capital 8 Group, Shari earned her business degree and went on to enjoy an impressive 20-year finance-related career working for elite commercial real estate development and management companies including Jones Lang LaSalle, Trizec Properties, and The Voit Companies. In these challenging environments she had the opportunity to work on and contribute in a wide range of technical elements including, real estate value analysis, portfolio management, maximizing the value of the assets, conversion of economically depressed properties into successful communities, preparation of detailed operating budgets and capital plan, variance and cash flow analysis.

This corporate/large portfolio experience gives Shari a different perspective and level of expertise and greatly influences her approach to property acquisition and management, risk assessment and and identification of opportunities in the financing details that many would not even be aware of.

Naturally detail oriented, Shari believes in active asset management. She and her team frequently review billing statements and other data looking to spot trends and problems. The willingness and commitment to this type of work, and even enjoyment, are a key strength of The Capital 8 Group.

Her love of research and commitment to high standards are a natural and valuable fit for buying, selling, and managing properties and investment dollars. Her dedication to the details and exacting standards, combined with her expertise in all technical elements of deal execution and creativity in building internal infrastructure are essential to The Capital 8 Group’s track record of excellent returns.

Within The Capital 8 Group Shari oversees legal, financial and accounting matters. She manages financial due diligence and verification, lender relations and communication and formal quarterly and annual reporting to investors. She is also responsible for compiling investor offering memorandums and manages The Capital 8 Group’s extensive internal infrastructure, a key component to efficiently managing the portfolio.

It has become cliché to talk about loving what you do and the privilege it is to work with great people, but that’s honestly how we feel about our work. Real estate investing is a challenging and interesting mix of work with the technical aspects of managing the properties themselves and the various financial and reporting responsibilities. As we have grown we have invested time in developing significant systems and processes to help us be more efficient in each part of our business.

Our investor partners are the kind of people you can be proud to be in business with. They, as we do, believe in managing properties in a way that builds value for our tenants, for their communities, for the earth as a whole and also for our investment groups. Our work is challenging, interesting, and both personally and professionally rewarding. We are excited about the next set of projects and grateful for the opportunity to serve our partners, our tenants, and their communities.

Jeff and Shari Kissee
The Capital 8 Group